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Strategies for Complex Environments

Building effective strategy, tactics, projects, and sales. Harnessing the dynamic forces that affect your organization to help you succeed.

How can I help?

How Can I Help?

In my experience the keys to success boil down to understanding people, strong relationships and managing team dynamics. Teams, timelines, systems and stakeholders are always in flux. These are dynamic forces. I help you manage these competing forces so you can succeed in completing your objectives.


Strategic & Tactical Planning

Strategy paves the way to success. Good strategy unifies all the elements of a project, every division in a company, and all the members of the team to achieve success.You may define success as meeting profit targets, as a successful product launch, or even as a sold-out benefit gala that exceeds fundraising expectations for a charitable or community project. Once you envision success, strategic planning keeps the focus on the outcomes that lead all the elements of the organization to success. Strategic planning is not rigid. It is a humble process that leaders use to adapt plans to new and better information in a disciplined way. A good strategic-planning process can motivate teams to be both forthcoming and dedicated, as it provides the opportunity for feedback and improvement.
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Business Development & Sales

An essential component of business development is creating a plan and a systematic approach to monitoring its progress.Having a straightforward plan, an easy way to manage contact information, and a corresponding follow-up strategy are key components to growing your business. It includes an analysis of the market, competitors, customers and other important factors determined by the stage and sector of the business. Whether you are the principal of a very small company or managing a large organization’s growth, your long-term success depends on all of them.
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Stakeholder Relations Management

Stakeholders are instrumental for building support in the external and internal environments. They are crucial to achieving your objectives.No one individual or organization can accomplish sustained success alone. Every business and organization has stakeholder relationships. In fact, stakeholder interactions likely occur on a daily basis for most organizations, while too often, not much strategic thought or planning goes into managing them. Are you undervaluing the potential of those relationships when you do not have a strategy? The answer is quite likely “Yes.” Yet your organization’s peak performance and long-term success depends on managing those relationships. Stakeholder management is a well-defined strategy for developing and fostering positive relationships by managing expectations and agreed-upon objectives.
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Team Coaching using Personality Type Tools

Projects don’t succeed, people succeed. Understanding people and team dynamics are key factors to peak performance & achieving success.Whether you are developing a strategic plan or a tactical strategy, you will need to engage teams. These are crews made up of individuals that have different skills and personalities. How do you harness the full potential of diverse personalities? By using a Type-based approach we can quickly resolve team issues, determine synergies and cultivate high functioning teams. It is a small investment of time and money that will give you and your team lifetime tools and long term benefits. Another advantage to this approach is gaining better appreciation of and interactions with stakeholders. Affordable and sustainable even for the smallest of organizations.
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What Makes TIPP Consulting Unique?

  • Need to get a diverse Board of Directors to agree to a strategic plan?
  • Need to get a team to work together to deliver a project?
  • Need to engage with stakeholders to advance your product?
  • Need to align corporate objectives with public sector?
  • Need to do all of this simultaneously?
  • Need to start that difficult conversation?

I know that everything is constantly changing for my clients. Dynamic Integration can help you succeed with many, often competing, and shifting initiatives. Harness affecting forces. Create synergy. Developing strong business dynamics will help you withstand the pressures of external forces. TIPP Consulting has the experience and expertise to guide you and your team to achieve your goals.

About Me

I'm based in Edmonton, Alberta.

My overall experience includes 25+ years in the private, public and non-profit sectors along with a track record of results in sales, marketing, and leadership roles. Building new initiatives, programs, and serving as an agent of change have been consistent themes over the span of my career.

I have worked with large and small entities across different sectors.

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Inspire. Transform. Peak Performance.

Attentiveness to client needs, collaboration and communication helped me achieve great results. I work with you to attain broad stakeholder support, exceed sales goals, successfully manage growth and navigate intricate relationships through dynamic integration.

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